Drew Michael at Sweet Slipper Room in New York, NY

Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 9:00 PM, New York, NY, USA
Drew Michael is a clinical narcissist who spends hours each day reading his own tweets, lamenting the fact that they were under-appreciated. He only cares about himself and that's why he'll never learn how to be intimate in a meaningful way.
Drew now lives in New York. (Away from me, thank god.) He was born and raised in Chicago, and that's where he started doing his "act." He spent 6 years there doing open mics, bar shows, clubs, colleges, traveling the country doing stand-up, performing in over 400 shows a year. Or so he said. Either way, he was never home. He never took me out. He was too busy scribbling self-involved bullshit into a notebook. The few shows he let me come to he made me sit in the back and he wouldn't even talk to me before the show. I guess it paid off because TimeOut Chicago said he was "smart, funny, and unabashedly crass," which, as you can expect, went straight to his giant head. He was a New Face in the 2014 Montreal Just For Laughs festival earning rave reviews from Laughspin.com: "...deviates so easily from the setup-punch line formula to great effect." Ugh. People are so easily amused.

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