Aguruphobia on Cinemas

The actor Pepe Serna is well known for his role in Scarface as Tony Montana’s friend who is cut open with a vengeful gangster’s chainsaw. Now he stars and produces a colorful indie film called Aguruphobia, which launched Maya Cinemas Film Series Sept. 23.
Nanak (Pepe Serna) is a charismatic internet guru with a penchant for merchandising self-help happiness to the masses. When Nanak meets his biggest fan the vulnerable young woman Crystal Luna (Jade Puga) who has fallen under the guru's sphere of influence the two discover that searching for enlightenment can be a dangerous game.

Director: Richard F. Montes
Writers: Richard F. Montes, Jade Puga

Stars: Pepe Serna and Jade Puga
Cast: Carlos Ramirez, Crystal Luna, Marco Parra, Lia Chapman, Robert Hallak, Louise Davis, Bart Braverman          , Sean McNabb,Maggie Wagner, Jeff Blumberg, Fragile Man, Amentha Dymally, June, Amery Thao, Monk, Rob Tepper, Todd, Jessica Silvetti, Sarah

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