Beyonce and Jay-Z set sail through the Mediterranean

The luxurious yacht Beyonce and Jay-Z were snapped cruising through the Mediterranean on is so restricted. You need to be on first name terms with its multi-millionaire owner to have the run of it.
The luxurious, Galactica Star is owned by Nigerian energy magnate Kola Aluko, who loaned it to the stars for a reported $900,000-a-week.
On board his floating luxury hotel is a 'beach club', private helipad, high-end kitchen, several bars and dining areas, hundreds-of-metres of sundeck space and an outdoor jacuzzi to help guests take in the views.
Its aerodynamic design and aluminium hull allow it to reach speeds of up to 28 knots (32mph) and has a range of 4,200 miles at 14 knots (16mph).
The Galactica's sumptuous master cabin, the upper-deck VIP cabin and four guest suites can comfortably house 12 passengers who are serviced by 13 crew.

And when guests want to sunbathe under the Mediterranean sun, they can choose from an array of areas on the yacht's 267-square-metres of space on three upper decks.

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