Like at the eye of the "Hurricane", there lies such a delicate beauty.

Everything in nature has a complimentary. Something that with no effort at all can make even the darkest day shine. Like at the eye of the hurricane, there lies such a delicate beauty. Pale white clouds sweep around themselves as if in need of energy, searching for that complimentary. Then as if out of nowhere appears the darkness, engulfing the cloud gently. Almost in reassurance. And for that moment the Hurricane is not alone. The warmth of his touch lets her beauty shine. Empowering her. Destruction can come but together they are one. The rain flows down their backs like a waterfall, showing approval of their love. And all at once...Peace. 
She is searching no more. 
Hurricane. Natures Lost Soul
HURRICANE - Short Film from EZEKIXL on Vimeo.
Dir & Shot by : EZEKIXL + Catherine Mills Edited By : EZEKIXL  Production : 1723 Studios Set Management : Andre Abrahams Hurricane is a short film which displays the delicate beauty

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