Sleepless in New York City - Amazing photographs

Michael Massaia developed a terrible case of insomnia. In order to give himself a break from sitting around all night he took his camera along, creating an amazing series “Deep in a Dream, Central Park” and gave us wonderful pictures of New York city during the darkest nights!
 “I have a really obsessive mind so I got into the technical aspect of [photography],” he said. “I went immediately into large-format photography, and I started modifying my own cameras, building my own printing equipment, and when I started out I was doing pretty much all analog printing.”

His landscapes of New York and New Jersey have extremely rich black-and-white tones due to his processing techniques. 
The artist shoots with slow black-and-white film and develops with a stain developer called Pyro that many people don’t like to use anymore because of its toxicity. What it creates, however, are images with long tonal scales (rich blacks and whites) in the negatives, which Massaia then scans to create a series of internegatives and masks, which are eventually printed on white Mylar sheets.

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