El Komander at La Boom in New York, NY

When: Sunday, March 20, 2016, 10:00 PM
Where: La Boom, 20 W 39th St, New York, NY, USA
The ‘El Komander,’ Alfredo Rios is a banda singer-songwriter from Culiacan, Mexico, who has become one of the biggest artists in the narco-corrido genre, finding fans in both Mexico and the southwestern United States.
Alfredo Rios was heavily involved with music from an early age, studying formally the traditional Mexican folk styles of cancan, banda and mariachi. Rios performed regularly at local venues, developing his unique style, quickly garnering interest of label scouts, who were impressed with his enthusiastic and rowdy songs that captured the growing momentum of the Latin alternative movement, or Narocorridos.
Narocorridos, or Drug Ballad, is a north Mexican subgenre that blends traditional folk balladry with polka-based rhythms, dealing with the world of drug cartels and life on the US-Mexico border. Rios as ‘EL Komander’ fuses this unique style with banda influences, telling tales of his country’s drug barons and the harrowing violence and excesses of this lifestyle.
Rios made his recording debut in 2006 with the live album, “En Vivo! Dede Badiragato!” released on La Disco Records. It was with his 2009 album that Rios was to find breakthrough success, through the hit single “Nomas Por Ser Sinaloense,” which featured on the album, “El Katch.” Relentless touring as well as significant radio airplay helped bolster Rios’ popularity, which continued with his next two albums, 2010’s “Archiv Privado” and 2011’s “Y Seguimos La Borrachera.” Rios found a further hit with the single, “Cuernito Armani,” which featured as a bonus track on the live album, “Desde Zapopan (En Vivo)” in 2013.

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