Blackbird at Belasco theatre

A troubling and intense work which explores the emotional scarring left by abuse, Blackbird boils theatre down to its most essential elements. It's a heart-stopping confrontation between one man and one woman, bonded together through a horrendous past experience.
Written by Scottish playwright David Harrower, Blackbird stunned critics and audiences alike when it premiered at 2005's Edinburgh festival, and again when it debuted on American shores at the Manhattan Theatre Club. Emmy winner Jeff Daniels reprises his role as Ray from that production, starring alongside Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams. In the director's chair is two-time Tony winner Joe Mantello (Wicked).
What is blackbird about?
50-something office worker Ray once committed a terrible crime and now he is forced to reckon with his victim, face-to-face. Fifteen years ago he had a sexual relationship with a twelve year old girl named Una. The abuse was discovered and Ray was imprisoned.
After being released, Ray has managed to build a new life for himself, but the past won't let him get away so easy. Una turns up at his workplace, demanding to talk to him. After hustling her into a grubby storage room, the pair embark on an intense and angry confrontation, which never seems to head in the direction you would expect.

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