Madeleine Peyroux at Beacon Theatre w/ Steely Dan in New York, NY

When: Saturday, October 29, 2016, 7:00 PM
Where: Beacon Theatre w/ Steely Dan in New York, NY
Madeleine Peyroux is a singer and songwriter born in Athens, Georgia, United States who was born on April 18th 1974. She has become one of the most acclaimed jazz singers of her generation, with six studio albums to her name.
Born to an academic family who settled down everywhere from Georgia to New York to Southern California, Madeleine Peyroux found her voice at the age of 15, while she and her mother were living in Paris. While living in the French capital’s Latin Quarter, she fell in with a group of busking street musicians and then joined their troupe, known as the Riverboat Shufflers. At first she was there to pass around a hat to anyone who was watching but as time went on, she started singing for them and by the age of 16, she was touring all over Europe singing jazz standards with The Lost Wandering Blues And Jazz Band. It was while fronting that group that she started making contacts in the wider music industry, and by the mid 1990’s she had signed a record deal with Atlantic Records.
Her debut album “Dreamland” was released in 1996 and was a critical hit which lead to festival sets the world over and support slots with the likes of Sarah McLachlan. However, Peyroux was far from comfortable with the attention that she received as a result of the album and spent the next six years living as low-key an existence as she could. She would play live from time to time, mainly busking in her adopted home of Paris, France, while performing the occasional club gig in the United States. However, in 2002 she began a personal and professional relationship with multi-instrumentalist William Galison, with whom she began performing live regularly, before recording and releasing the E.P “Got You On My Mind”, her first release in six years.
The relationship ended soon afterwards but the E.P was enough to get Rounder Records interested in signing Peyroux up for a new record deal. She signed with them in 2003 and in September 2004, her second full solo album “Careless Love” was released. Ever since then she’s remained one of the most respected jazz artists of the modern age, as celebrated for her diverse set of covers as for her own songwriting skills. She continues to perform live and release records to this very day, and she comes highly recommended.

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