Meschac Gaba at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery  USA | NEW YORK | CHELSEA
JUNE 22, 2017-JULY 28, 2017
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery is very pleased to announce its second solo exhibition with Meschac Gaba. On view June 22–July 28, 2017, the exhibition weaves together three bodies of work, forging a powerful commentary on contemporary cultural identity and the current state of immigrants and refugees.
Inspired by his experience living between the Netherlands and Benin since the late 1990s, Gaba has navigated and closely examined national and transnational identity constructs under the tumult of globalization. By playfully restructuring relationships between the Western world and developing worlds, the local and the global, art and the everyday, Gaba brings into question dominant codes and frameworks of identity and value.
In the gallery’s ground floor exhibition space, the artist presents a large-scale, multi-colored participatory work entitled Reflection Room Tent. Creating a direct reference to the tents used in refugee camps around the world, this colorful room-sized tent is intended to be used as a ‘drawing room,’ where viewers are encouraged to create unique expression and hang their pieces up for view.
While refugee tents harbor those in exile and plight, Gaba’s Reflection Room Tent  sets out as a platform for discourse, process, and debate—a live testimonial that grows and evolves over the course of the exhibition as a collective rumination on current events. The tent’s vibrant colors and vivid patterns embody Gaba’s hopeful concept of Citoyen du Monde—an imagined global flag created from a union of elongated versions of all individual world flags.
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521 West 21st Street , Chelsea - New York, NY, USA 10011

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