An interview with the talented Elina Grosul

We found the talented Elina Grosul and we questioned her about he exceptional art!!
What are you working on at the moment?          
Yesterday, today, tomorrow with me my flowers, they - part paradise on Earth. Flowers - the best of everything that God created, but forgot to allocate with soul. Therefore my works are an incessant attempt to compete to beauty of flowers. I am working on a particular subject in which trying even scent of flowers to the canvas to paint it.
What else should we know about you and your work?  
I like listening classic music and interested in literature, but my heart beats for art painting whether with pencil or with acrylic, I let myself sink into my word.
What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life?      
I want to put signals that carry my personal touc with brushes and colors as only weapon ,I encounter the journey as my goal.
What’s your favorite piece of work that you have created?
All my works are my own children, every child with its own characteristics, every child with its own peculiarities, it is safe all took something from me, it is sure to everything I have something given.
I want to pay your attention to my work "Bread and Roses".
History of international Womens Day on March 8 :"We want both some bread and roses!"( from the newspaper "Woman kind",March 1972 ).
Movie "Bread and Roses" 2000 - Cannes Film Festival. Kent Louch, an award "Golden Palm".

Elina Grosul "Bread and Roses" 2014, Acrylic,canvas 84,0x102,5 cm, 930 flowers segment 2,5x3,7 cm.
Red rose
On a warm, sunny day on June 10, in 1970, on the Island of Crimea Elina Grosul has seen the light of the world. She grow up then in Donetsk,a metropolis in Ukraine.
Know to many as "The city of million roses". From 1987 to 1992, Moskow University.The inner urge the brush as a weapon in her hand, the magic of thousands of colors and flowers, to conjure up on the canvas,she could not be rest." We are surrounded by flowers born,covered with flowers we are carried to the grave".
According to this motto she have in which she lived in Germany since 2012, a new direction style the "Myriathismus" called (in Greek-thousands of blooming flowers) into being.With this of her newly emerging form their motives spllits segments in thousands of flowers."Myrianthismus" then still leaves the viewer the opportunity in the microcosm of the painting, is to deepen through the flowers.
What happens currently in her beloved Donetsk,bleed her heart.The wonderful scent of roses has disguised with the scent of scorehed earth.Their incomparable flowers splendor was trampled by soldiers boots.
These flowers who will accompany her for a lifetime, want through her unique personal style of "Myriathismus" to set an example, in order to devote the peace for all people.

Artist Statement: "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS".
Bread and roses
In Vino Veritas

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